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how we help

Readiness Coaching

We assist students with maximizing their course selection, test prep, and securing funds for learning beyond high school. 


We provide public speaking for both student and parent events.


We help educators and students discover their passion through engagement in activities, purposeful service involvement, and career exploration


We provide consultation for career application, building a student portfolio, test prep and mentorship.

Graduation Ceremony


  • We help bring clarity by identifying your passions and assisting with your educational and life path.

  • We help students with the process of pursuing and maximizing their chosen path, beyond high school, college, trade, career or enlistment in the US military.

  • We offer parent, guardian and student workshops and trainings.


  • We help students maximize course selection and strengthen their portfolio for college applications and career development.

  • We partner with students and families to secure funding for college, trades and certifications.  

  • We assist and support students through the college, trade and resume building process.

Graduates Holding Diplomas
Young Female Student


  • We help students and families navigate through high school and towards college and career readiness.

  • We provide professional development and training for educators.

  • We provide educational consultation services and connect our students with qualified mentors.

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