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Having served as a leader in education for over 20 years and as a support service provider within the school district, graduation and post-secondary readiness has always been my motivation; it's been a primary focus for school personnel at every level - including their students and their families.

Prior to having a career in the field of education, I earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Secondary Education, and began my first job. I worked as a supervisor of case managers and support staff for a private social service agency whose clients were teen parents.


My primary responsibility was to make sure that our teen parents received the services they needed to ensure that their child was cared for in a safe and adequate living environment. I strived to eliminate any barriers that prohibit teen parents and his or her child from gaining a sound education, while the parents progressively moved towards high school graduation and post-secondary readiness.

"This job ignited my advocacy for the health of the total student: an academic, social, emotional, personal, economical and overall physical well being."


It kindled my passion for assisting students as they navigate their journey throughout their secondary learning experience, as well as supporting and equipping them on their path towards graduation and beyond. As a result, I earned a Masters Degree, with honors with honors - I also earned an Endorsement in Reading. I understand that being a leader - whether at the school or district level, or in the classroom, allows me greater opportunities to serve as a change agent.

"It is my heartfelt endeavor to support them and push them onward to a path on a greater level."


I’m fully aware that in order to serve as a springboard, I must help to alleviate a major hurdle that is common for many students demonstrating difficulty with reading proficiency requirements for promotion and graduation. With this in mind, I utilize the knowledge I received from my reading endorsement and teaching experience to assist students in meeting that challenge head on- thereby ensuring grade level transition and graduation from high school.

Simply put, my years of experience as a secondary education teacher, graduation and career coach, academic leader, acceleration coordinator, educational consultant and partner with numerous community organizations and agencies providing graduation and post-secondary readiness services, has only fueled my passion of helping students explore and discover their passion. Through this discovery, they will maximize and navigate their learning journey towards high school graduation.

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Hello, I'm Joyel Glaze Loiz

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